Career in Developmental and Personality Psychology

Developmental Psychology

The different types of work

Psychologists who specialize in the field of psychology are focused on the provision of needed support to those suffering from developmental problems. They usually deal with children who are deficient and attempt to improve their situation to allow them to catch the rest of their peers. Additionally, developmental psychologists also spend lots of time helping seniors because those who belong to this group are particularly susceptible to problems with memory, for example. Overall the professionals interact with patients, determine their mental or physical ailments and develop and implement the treatment plan (Kuther Morgan and Kuther 2012).

The kind and degree of education

To be a psychologist for the development stage, one must have at minimum the bachelor’s level, but the doctoral degree gives the opportunity to practice on their own. Therefore, it is better for a person to take advantage of a chance to further study and earn a master’s degree. Ph.D. D or Psy. D. As those with a higher degree are more likely to be employed. As an undergraduate student, one must focus on the theory as well as statistics and the methodology in this area of psychology. The development of emotional and social skills should be given a lot of attention.

Average income and work settings

Psychologists with developmental backgrounds can earn up to $65,000. However, it is important to keep in mind that salaries is subject to change, based on the profession, the workplace, or working hours. When becoming an expert in this field gives one the chance to work in different establishments. They typically include research, educational or government-related settings. They typically prefer hospitals.

PsychologyThe career of your choice is a subject of interest

As I learned more about the psychology of development I realized that it is something I am interested in. I could imagine myself working in the area in the near future. Personally, I’d like to assist those who do not make the same level as their peers. I am of the opinion that people tend to be cruel toward those who do not agree with them. So, my advice is helpful as it will allow people who are unique to join the community and be treated as if they were everyone else.

The most fascinating thing about the entire work

It was fascinating for me to learn that developmental psychologists are able to work for governmental organizations and that a lot of them are focused on the link between personality traits, behaviors, and their surroundings. This is important as it will allow me to think about what I’ll do in the future.

Real-world and everyday human experiences in psycho-pod-casts

Michael (2014) on his podcast Michael (2014) discussed the issue of dementia. He emphasized the fact that the disease can affect the lives of senior citizens greatly. But, I was amazed to discover that it is a double-edged sword. Although I’ve always believed that it hinders people of having happy memories since they’re lost, I couldn’t imagine it having benefits like the possibility to forget about disagreements.

The most talked about issue in the specialization area.

The most talked about a topic I’m most interested in is the deficiency of interest given to issues with development in the elderly. Based on my own experiences I am able to say that most people associate the development of children with problems. Many people do not realize that the problems of seniors are dealt with by these experts. This is the reason why the lives of seniors get worse and their health issues. The general public needs to know more about the symptoms and treatments for things like dementia so that this area can be developed and enhance the quality of life of those who are elderly.

Personality Psychology

The kinds of work

Of course, personality and developmental psychologists share many things since they are both in the same field. But it is crucial to distinguish these specialists because the areas of their work are not very similar. For instance, the last one concentrates on their thoughts and actions. Furthermore, the focus is placed on how they handle their emotions, positive and negative, and how they adapt to the world. It is also possible to consider how childhood experiences have influenced their current situation. The impact can be discussed with a focus on both mental and physical concerns.

The kind and degree of education

Personality and developmental psychologists operate in the same area, which is the reason it’s very unlikely that the amount of education that they must attain, is not different. Professionals should have a master’s or bachelors, and more benefits and autonomy can be achieved when obtaining Ph. D or Psy. D or Psy. The knowledge gained from the research should focus on the individual traits that drive behavior. The studies often focus on specific areas of character. The social norms must also be examined.

Average income and work settings

Professionals earn around $72,000. However, this figure could rise in the event that one opts to be employed in a private field. There are also changes depending on the place of work and the workload. Psychologists working in this area have the option to select whether they would like to work at medical and research facilities, or in non-profit or profit organizations. The variety of work environments makes sure that everyone can find something to suit his or her preference.

The career of your choice is a subject of interest

When I began to learn more about the psychology of personality I realized I could be a professional in this field since I am fascinated by the field of psychology. I am always interested in knowing what drives people to think and act in the manner they do. I am curious about the factors that define an individual, and the things that make people alike or different. For me, those who know the answers to these questions will be able to alter the life of their peers to help them attain their goals.

The most fascinating thing about the entire work

In absorbing the latest information about the psychology of personality, I was astonished to learn that psychologists can work for long hours in archives. I realized that by working with archives from the past, they have the chance to learn more about those who came before us and focus on historical societies. I was also amazed at the ease with which they are able to assist in the design of educational programs. In assessing the influences on learners and teachers, they help their time and energy and formulate the best plan.

Human experience from every day and in real-time in psycho-pod-casts

Michael (2013) on his show Michael (2013) talked about the phenomenon that people become absorbed in certain movies and books, while others aren’t as interesting to them. He pondered why this only happens in certain instances and concluded that the most captivating movies and stories let people think that they are the main characters. This way, individuals who represent the population can have the chance to explore new perspectives that aren’t accessible in real.

The most talked about subject in the specialty field

Training for the brain is included within the context of the psychology of personalities. The subject is very popular nowadays due to the advancements which are being developed in the realm of technology. Everyone has tried to improve their intelligence but new methods are emerging that allow people to enhance their processes. Professionals are beginning to consider computerized training, however, they remain doubtful. Research is essential to improve knowledge on the subject.

Differential Psychology as a Future Career Field

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