Sacral Chakra

5 Best ways to bring balance to your Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

The sacral or Svadhishthan chakra, situated at the base of the genitals, is the seat of the individual and collective unconscious. It is associated with seeking pleasure and security. The imbalance of the sacral chakra causes sexual and reproductive diseases. If you have ever felt unsure, unstable, or unable to express your feelings properly, it might be due to the hampered flow of energy in your 2nd chakra. You may also feel a lack of pleasure in your life and dependency, which will eventually reduce your mental health1.

Here are 5 easy ways to bring balance to your sacral chakra

  1. Food: It is a vital source of energy for us all. You should begin by eating fruits, and vegetables, especially carrots, oranges, mandarin, tangerines, apricot, mango, peach, papaya, cucumbers, pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, cabbage, and broccoli and add nuts, seeds, and all types of cereals.
  2. Water: Drink plenty of water. The sacral chakra is a water dominant chakra. Hence, you should keep yourself hydrated to balance it.
  3. Chromo-therapy: Mostafa Their research, has mentioned in great detail the impact of colors on chakras2. Research has shown that utilizing orange color light stimulates your sacral chakra. For this, placing orange crystals, wearing orange-colored clothes, eating orange-colored food items and drinking water charged with orange color light are a few options.
  4. Yoga asana: What better way to balance energy flow in the body than doing Yogasana? Yogic postures like Bhujang asana, paschimottanasana, padahasthasana, Janu shirshasana, etc. bring awareness and open sacral chakra. Here is a simple guide on how to perform Bhujangasana (cobra pose):
    • Lie flat on your stomach with your forehead resting on the floor, legs straight feet together and the soles of the feel should be uppermost.
    • Bend the arms and place the forearms on the floor with palms downward on each side of the head. The fingertips point forward but are in line with the crown of the head.
    • The forearms and elbows are close to the body.
    • Relax the whole body.
    • While inhaling, raise the head, shoulders, and chest by bringing the upper arms to the vertical position.
    • The elbows, forearms, and hands will remain on the floor.
    • Relax in the position for a comfortable length of time and then slowly lower the body, while exhaling.3
  5. Mantra meditation: Do guided meditation on bija mantra “vam” or visualization of bija mantra in the center of the chakra and it will balance your sacral chakra very efficiently.

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