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In the modern world, communications are gaining significance and power. Modern technology has made significant leaps in the quality of communication in the past few years. Scientists have developed technology that allows for free and fast communications almost everywhere in the world. Today, with its growing influence and the fading boundaries between nations, public diplomacy of the field provides a variety of crucial skills and the necessary services for successful communication. This is because the effectiveness of communication does not depend solely on its technology accessibility but also on the expertise and professionalism of those who are involved in it.

DiplomacyI chose to pursue a Masters’s qualification in Public Diplomacy at USC since I am convinced of this profession to be among the fields that will be in demand in the near future. The evidence suggests that the variety of occupations that will be in demand over the next few decades is decreasing. As technology advances, it replaces some professionals with machines, and a lot of occupations will become disappearing. I believe that diplomacy that relies on professional communication is among the professions that will not diminish in importance and will always require highly educated experts. The past few years in the world of politics proved that although the modern world is becoming more technologically advanced, those who work are still having a difficult time getting to an understanding and finding a compromise.

The past decade was marked by various armed conflicts, most being international in nature and including the participation of diplomats from various nations in Asia, Europe, America as well as in the Middle East. In all honesty, I can’t remember an entire year in the history of mankind in which no nation was involved in open wars. It seems that peace on Earth is an untruth, however, in my view, this is an extremely achievable goal. One of the areas that could assist in reaching it can be public diplomacy. In the end, my motivations for choosing this particular field stem from selfishness and altruism. My goal is to be an effective professional and pursue a career that has the potential to make an impact on the entire world.

With my qualifications in these fields as Business and Management, I decided to move to an entirely different area and pursue an education in Public Diplomacy because this is one of my interests on a professional level. Through my work in the corporate world and dealing with documents and data, I learned that information matters as well as the manner in which the information is displayed. When I had time to relax I read lots on international affairs and what role framing as well as propaganda is in. In our modern, wired society, communications, and data are the primary driving forces behind the largest conflict and mass actions. As an example, in the past five years, many of the most significant revolutions were initiated by social media and were actively influenced by these networks.

The power of technology that is controlled by humans is tremendous. Prof. Nicholas Cull is an outstanding professional, and I would love to take lessons from him and learn about the way he approaches public diplomacy since I believe that he has incredible insights that are from his analytical thinking. Cull is a professional who knows how to preserve an objective perspective in a world where information is deconstructed and altered which is why I believe that having him as my instructor is a huge benefit and an honor. Public diplomacy is the area that studies communication at the most fundamental level and encompasses all its dimensions and aspects. In our modern times carefully selected words augmented through psychological techniques and properly filtered could change the world. Public diplomacy shows the effectiveness of information that is carefully presented.

After receiving my diploma in public diplomacy, I’d like to pursue a career in this area. The first thing to note is that this field is awash with many challenges, as well as opportunities. I’m sure I’d need to begin at the bottom and climb to the highest levels. In order to be an impact as a professional I must never stop learning. That’s why I’m determined to develop the abilities necessary for a successful career as a public diplomat. I’d need to acquire more understanding of public speaking diplomatic strategies, organizing, the psychological aspects of communicating, the history, and the culture. To succeed in public diplomacy, one has to be able to interact with others and develop an understanding and a common language with them, regardless of the size of the public. Public diplomacy is the bridge that connects people to their leaders. Public diplomacy involves the people in the process of communication. Public diplomats need to demonstrate professionality in dealing with public reputations, representation of events, cultural communications, and establishing a harmonious atmosphere on both international and global scales. I am looking forward to starting the Public Diplomacy course and learning how to observe and examine social phenomena that are not visible to the vast majority of people.

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