Turmeric/ Haridra : Best of Facts You Need To Know

Turmeric or Haridra is an essential ingredient available in every house. It is an essential spice used in the kitchen and is one of the best blood purifiers and immunity boosters provided by nature to us. Turmeric is a rhizome that grows underneath the soil and is identified with the scientific name Curcuma Longa from the Zingiberaceae family.

Ayurveda Pharmacology of Turmeric/ Haridra

Turmeric is  Kapha and Vata Dosha Nashaka by its Ushana Veerya property however it possesses Ruksha Guna also so if taken for a longer time will create dryness in the body, and aggravate Vata Dosha, intake is advisable after processing turmeric with Ghee or milk. It is also Pittashamaka by its Tikta Rasa and Tridoshaja by its Prabhava.

  1. Rasa – Katu – Tikta
  2. Guna- Ruksha
  3. Virya- Ushana
  4. Vipaka – Katu

Benefits of Turmeric

  • Immunity Boost Up
  • Complexion Enhancing
  • Healing property
  • Hemostatic Property
  • Anti-bacterial property
  • Anti-cancerous property
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Hepatic health
  • Anemia correction
  • Lipids Correction
  • Act as an expectorant in reducing cough in smokers
  • The best drug of choice in Diabetes as per Ayurveda

Effect on Doshas: 

Turmeric is Kapha- Vata Shamak and Pittasarak by Ushna Dravya and Pitta Shamak by Tikta Rasa. It is also widely used Tridoshaja Vikara.

Accepted Properties and forms of Turmeric

  • Used normally in the kitchen to enhance the flavor of vegetables and other food articles.
  • Used as Ubtana or Lepa over skin to enhance the skin tone or complexion.
  • Used as face pack/ cosmetic products to combat face problems.
  • Used along with coconut oil or Aloe vera on discoloration like leukoderma or white patches of skin.
  • Used for dusting over wounds to promote healthy healing.
  • In Rajasthan and Gujarat, people take it in unripe form as Salad or as curry in the winter season.
  • In case of injury, a mixture of turmeric and jaggery administered orally reduces pain and promotes circulation.
  • Used along with Ghee in the Post-delivery phase to improve lactation functioning.
  • Used in several other diseases such as ascites, worms, pruritus, urticaria, Jaundice, Chicken pox, abscesses anywhere in the body, dropsy, bronchitis, etc.

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