Career Opportunity in the Accounting Industry


The concept of business-related courses especially for accounts was unclear to me and I didn’t intend to attend any business-related courses. It was during my school days and regardless of the fact that my dad was the manager of an extremely large business company within the area. It wasn’t until my college days that I decided to take an MBA program to learn how “managers” manage business activities. The desire to establish a coherent understanding of the actions managers take in their respective businesses led me to become interested in courses for business. While I was enrolled in the class I began to develop a fascination with various business subjects like how to read the balance accounts, income statements, and other books of account. I might be able to find people who use accounting data and could be able to find jobs in the accounting field.

The important topics

The systematic gathering of, analysis, and reporting of financial information is essential in the management of business since managers know how much cash reserves a business must be able to keep in its bank and how much the company owes its creditors and taxation and the amount of the business earns in profit each year. The documents were prepared by accountants by the company or externally certified individuals. The course has allowed me to understand that if there is no confidence in financial reports, there’s no investment, and without investments, there’s no growth.

The effect of the course on the perception of the field of accounting.

Accounting is important to people because it promotes moral behavior that is extremely important in public relations and the overall achievement of business organizations. The knowledge of accounting reporting is also crucial to secrets in business. This can help in the protection of business secrets from competitors and allows businesses to formulate an aggressive strategy. Additionally, accounting expertise provides an understanding of the management of the business, which is crucial for business growth. Accounting jobs are also of major significance since accountants with the right qualifications are able to become consultants in a variety of companies as well as other areas. This can lead to self-employment which is an important aspect of economic growth.

Another purpose for accounting data is to manage liabilities. The liability, when paired with assets can create ledger accounts. Ledger accounts are essential in calculating profits earned by the company for a specified period of time and also the earnings earned using available resources. This allows for the establishment of a mean for the return rate. They also serve to present the job opportunities which the firm offers per hour.

The entrepreneurial skills acquired in the business world are beneficial for establishing and managing business operations that result in the creation of jobs for both untrained and trained workers. This is a result of economic growth for both individuals and the country in general. The understanding of the labor division ensures an efficient operation of business assets, as well as the ability of workers to respond to the equipment of the company and work specifications. These are vital tools to expand business operations.


Accounting information is among the most crucial elements and factors that contribute to the growth of economics. This is due to the fact that this information gives a wealth of knowledge that helps the strategist develop viable business strategies that will assure that the entire company is properly managed. The way that the course has helped me understand accounting and business practices has had long-term impacts not just on my perception of courses in business, but also on the way I think of various issues in development.