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Through the years of his time in Midfield, Chaitanya has consistently displayed professional and personal qualities that have made him noticed. His efforts have always produced remarkable results. As an outcome, he’s impressed with all employees at Midfields. In the past, for instance, he was able to develop and implemented a new customer acquisition method for Europe and the Middle East regions. The model that he devised was a significant undertaking that required lots of focus, mental energy, and leadership. He spent a great deal of time researching European as well as Middle Eastern markets, and the unique characteristics and needs that characterize our clients. Because of its popularity, the new strategy was later used as the primary strategy to acquire potential new clients for the company.

Regarding goals and upward mobility, Chaitanya was promoted from the post of Business Development Executive to that of Business Development Manager within only six months after his start at Midfield. In the following twelve months, he was promoted to the rank of Business Development Manager and eventually the position of Strategy and Planning Manager, primarily due to his expertise in managing people as well as strategic thought. He displays the characteristics that make a good manager, and I can confirm his unquestionably exceptional growth as a manager in the future.

ManagementPlease indicate any unique peculiar or unique particulars of the candidate’s personal or professional background that distinguish the applicant from the rest of the candidates.

Aggressiveness and Innovative Thinking

The promotion of Chaitanya to the position of Strategy and Planning Manager placed him as the sole person responsible for a variety of aspects of business growth, which includes the responsibility of acquiring and maintaining a solid client basis in Europe. At the time of the promotion, Midfield was unsuccessful in its attempts to gain a foothold in the European market for the past three years. There were many obstacles in his quest to determine the potential of Europe’s market and eventually introduce Midfield in the form of an alternative brand competing with Midfield. Perhaps even more difficult was his quest to discover the reason Midfield’s previous attempts to penetrate the European market didn’t produce much. He ultimately proved capable of the task when he came up with the idea of using events for promotion to create awareness of Midfield and our wide range of products.

Thus, over a few periods, Midfield has been able to establish its brand as a household name in Europe and later record increasing sales across Germany, Spain, and Greece. In fact, for the very first time in the history of Midfield, Germany became the largest trade partner in the region accounting for around 21 percent of our total sales. Chaitanya’s analytical abilities, creative thinking, and adversity are all to be credited with these remarkable results.


Chaitanya was an extremely successful sales representative at Midfields during the time was there. He displays a high degree of readiness when meeting with potential customers by meticulously conducting studies, analyzing the competition, and creating a winning sales pitch for the customer. After presenting his sales pitch, he skillfully and effectively eliminates any doubt that a prospective customer might be able to overcome when doing business with Midfield. In the end, his record is impressive. record in concluding deals on behalf of Midfield in an extremely competitive market. An excellent example of his skill in selling is the most significant deal he signed by a single customer for Midfield which is worth $ 2 million. I am confident of his continued success in the goal.

Consider the applicant’s capability to work in a team environment. (Consider the applicant’s capacity to collaborate with peers as well as supervisors and subordinates, their ability to lead and assign responsibility, and the ability to work in a group setting ).

In evaluating one’s managerial abilities the ability to lead people is always an excellent measurement. In this respect, Chaitanya has grown into an efficient and skilled manager. After his promotion to the post in the Business Development Department, He was faced with the daunting task of supervising staff in a field in which there was no or little previous experience. The first task was to establish a good relationship with the Regional Sales Managers, who had already developed a strong relationship with our most important customers.

After gaining their trust and backing and trust, he was now in the position of gaining an understanding of our weaknesses and strengths, our biggest challenges and opportunities. He was able to make a seamless transition. I credit his success at least in part to the manner of respect and maturity of his interactions with his coworkers.

It is also noteworthy to note Chaitanya’s coaching ability. Whenever someone new was added to his team Chaitanya decided to help them get familiar with their new workplace and job. The objective was to assist his new employees to adjust to the environment of Midfields for the initial two months at their new position. He did this by putting the new employees with more skilled members of his team. He also made sure new team members were accompanied on client calls in the hope of getting them exposed and giving them hands-on knowledge of handling clients.

In creating a safe and healthy space that encourages the discussion of new ideas providing advice and instruction to new subordinates being friendly and available to colleagues and juniors alike, without compromising his authority, Chaitanya has been able to build highly effective teams.

What do you think are the biggest liability of the applicant? What initiatives, if any, have the applicant taken to make improvements in these areas?

When Chaitanya first was a member of Midfield it was noticed that he was too confident, despite his exceptional skills and good intentions. it was his weakness. This was especially problematic because it could impede his ability to assess objectively his ideas, leading to tactical errors that would be apparent when viewed in the back of his mind. In the case of sharing his idea with someone else, which could aid in refining his thinking and considering different views into account the idea was then put into the project’s implementation, resulting in an unnecessary review of the project in the future, only to discover its unsustainable ness for instance.

He was fortunate to have received criticism for the same and was able to accept it constructively and implement corrective actions and was able to overcome many of his shortcomings. As my supervisor, I have taught him the importance and benefits of having a strategy in place before moving into its implementation, especially in situations where large amounts of money are involved. This has meant that the man is now able to manage the excitement generated by new concepts and I have witnessed him conduct a thorough research about a project before he suggests the project for implementation. I would suggest that he listens to constructive suggestions and incorporates the suggestions into the plans he has. In uncertain situations, he’s learned to first analyze in order to examine and refine a hypothesis before moving on to a larger-scale study. This means that He can formulate more efficient proposals with greater chances of success.

In the end, though Chaitanya like all of us has his limitations he has learned to accept his shortcomings and work to improve these. In addition, he is open to constructive criticism and has displayed an eagerness to learn throughout the time I met him.

Please provide any additional information regarding the applicant that could help to assist the Admissions Committee in evaluating the candidate’s chances of success at graduate school.

Chaitanya has a great passion for every task he undertakes. He is self-motivated, ambitious, and results-oriented, a team player, and has excellent communication skills. This can be seen in his work as part of a team charged with securing investor funds up to 13 million dollars for Midfields. He developed an investor presentation which ultimately led to the securing of the funds needed to expand Midfield’s operations into Northern India and Dubai. This is even though he had no training nor previous experience in fundraising for investment.

With 1,200 employees across 16 countries under my supervision, Chaitanya ranks amongst the highest 1% of the workforce in terms of efficiency and resiliency. With these attributes and accomplishments, I can declare, without hesitation that Chaitanya Velma is a great candidate to be a great graduate school and an impressive future job in the field of management

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