Nursing Career Advancement: Vision & Networking

Introduction – Nursing practice is a field of medicine that demands constant development of capabilities and self-development. Because of this, constantly engaging in the pursuit of new abilities and knowledge will allow you to gain significant advancement in your nursing career with enough ambition and goals. To grow as a nursing professional one must create a specific plan which includes short-term and long-term goals, strategies for development, and a timeline for achieving specific outcomes. If the whole process of action is designed it will simplify the process to come up with a plan for the future. It will also help you be on a clear path without getting distracted by other objectives. It is believed that a career plan will help in setting goals and eventually achieving them by adhering to the plan of working and continuously improving your capabilities.

Plans for Future Career Development

To achieve specific goals, whatever the time frame, it is essential to understand how much time it will take to achieve all goals. As per Phillips as well as Evans (2017) despite some obstacles, future professionals can independently create specific plans and execute them when enough effort is put into them. Therefore, to achieve this it is crucial to create a time gradation that can be displayed.

To reach a short-term objective you must write a well-written resume and be able to pass an interview at a variety of reputable classes. To earn the DNS degree it is crucial to be prepared and work for a long time to build a solid educational foundation. One of the most important long-term goals is to secure the position of a manager in a top clinic, through effective work and following the job description, and demonstrating leadership skills in parallel.

NursingPlans for Effective Networking Strategies

To succeed in the field it is crucial to adopt a variety of networking strategies. As an example, one is suggested by Young, Landstrom, Rosenberger Guidroz, Young as well as Albu (2015) which is based on the development of communities that are focused on solving specific issues which are associated with nursing practice. Another possibility is to collaborate to enhance the capabilities of medical professionals in junior positions by involving all participants in programs that encourage certain practices in healthcare. In the end, Young et al. (2017) refer to this method as a systematic tracking of results that have been achieved. This is achieved through testing or other tests. To implement the strategies planned It is essential to include an experienced senior sister to oversee the execution of specific tasks or an RN within a specific field and also an administrator who will have access to the necessary resources.

Description of Plans for Mentoring Strategies

To successfully climb upwards in your career and achieve your set objectives, it is crucial to have a seasoned and highly skilled mentor who is competent to provide the required recommendations and prompt assistance in the event of problems. Cheek, Dotson, and Ogilvie (2016) affirm that nurse practitioners who have extensive experience in this area and possess enough professional expertise will be the most suitable to work in this field. So, there’s the possibility of reaching out to the nurse who is the head of the particular clinic for solid support.

The current status of a BSN can allow you to be a personal mentor. With this level of education, you have an opportunity to supervise new medical personnel, like, RNs, and to help them. In addition, visiting nurses may also require assistance. With the proper qualifications, you can serve as an educator for various members of the profession of nurse.

Creating a Personal Brand

Proclaiming oneself as an expert is a crucial job. If employers know who they deal with and the successes they have achieved They will be more inclined to look at applicants for favorable conditions of work. You can market yourself by publishing periodic scientific papers and taking part in activities of volunteerism within nursing organizations. The main attributes that have to be highlighted are dedication and diligence as the primary factors that determine success. The words of Phillips, as well as Evans (2017), believe that the most effective advertising strategy is the one that delivers. So, to gain recognition within their industry, it is necessary to display enthusiasm for work, show leadership qualities and concentrate on the quality of the care. By following this approach success may be attained.


Therefore, plans for your career could contribute to not just establishing specific goals, but also to planning the accomplishment of certain tasks within an appropriate timeframe to achieve the desired results. Effective networking and mentoring strategies are essential for successful growth as an individual. In addition, developing your brand is an important and necessary step to gaining respect from management and ensuring steady professional growth.

Nursing Career: Achieving Goals and Objectives