Nursing Career: Achieving Goals and Objectives

Nursing is not just a profession it is a noble profession that is extremely active. Nurses are employed in schools, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals, among others. This range of possibilities piqued my interest because this profession will allow me to contribute to society, which is, directly getting close to the population (Wood). It is remarkable that this profession primarily serves humanity through the transformation of lives. Nurses are engaged as counselors, motivating and taking care of the sick.

Additionally, I chose to pursue this profession due to the security of my job (Wood). With the increasing growth of the population of the world and the increasing demand for health facilities, they expect to see greater numbers of patients using medical services. The consequence of which is that health centers need more nurse practitioners than they currently do. This is why it could be stated that the job offers a guarantee of employment.


To reach my goals, at present, I am incredibly involving me in academics and the practical (“How to Reach your Career Goals and Goals”). I’m also working on my ability to be consistent with managing time and being available every day. These steps will aid me to attend to the needs of patients whenever they need me. At the present, I am studying hard to improve my grades which allow me to earn a nursing degree at the level of a university. Particularly, at this stage dedication and enthusiasm are serving as my standard for achieving my objectives.


In the University (In in

 the not-too-distant future)

At the university level, I usually take a nursing degree and then join professional organizations as well as clubs that discuss issues related to nursing. Additionally, I’ll be a part of forums for counseling and motivation to manage a variety of situations like trauma, which I consider essential due to the many patients nurses will encounter shortly. I will also take part in research studies on medical conditions and medical seminars as well as attend conferences to ensure that I have an extensive knowledge of the subject. Therefore, I am hoping to establish solid relationships with those who are more educated about the field of nursing and help me further in my work (“How to Reach your career goals and Objectives”).

In the workplace (Ten years to be)

In my workplace, over the next 10 years, I will continue to interact with my colleagues and management. I will discuss thoughts and ideas about the field that will help expand my knowledge of the field. Additionally, I will continuously search for the latest health information on the web that will allow me to keep up with the latest innovations within my field and incorporate this information into my everyday routine (“How to achieve your career Goals and Goals”). As part of my company’s responsibility to society, I occasionally volunteer for the community by organizing actions such as tree planting for the community as well as family planning and HIV/AIDS awareness events.

In conclusion, the field of nursing is a part of every aspect of life and demands those who are willing to give their all. To me, the pursuit of career goals does not mean a huge salary or rewards, but rather it’s about the fundamental satisfaction of working to improve the lives of all people.

Nursing Career Choice and Refusal