Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson’s Career Choice to Change the World

Abstract – The analysis of the case study is focused on choosing the best career choice for Alan Wilson. The goal is to select the most advantageous career to make the most difference. While accepting the invitation to join Grepter within Zurich Alan is rational and makes the best choice. effective in enhancing his potential to become a world leader in the coming years.


The drive to contribute to the world is a hallmark of leaders who are focused on using their values and their visions at work to encourage the development of their organizations (Wibbeke 2013). Alan Wilson is described as an enthusiastic leader who is committed to making an impact but he’s a bit cautious and precise when it comes to evaluating the results and making choices (Stevenson 2008). Even though Alan is determined to have an impact and impact the community with his work, as was stated by his maternal grandmother, the man must take a more traditional, but challenging route of going to Zurich to be employed by Grepter and work in a new setting.

The Career to Choose to Make the Difference

The motivation for remaining with Grepter is due to the thorough study of possible alternatives about their perspective for Alan to fully realize what he can be as an effective leader who has an active social position and vision. On one the other hand, Shiori’s idea to collaborate to aid people in Third World countries is directly connected to Alan’s wish to fulfill his social potential and do something meaningful, while listening to his mother’s words about the differences (Stevenson Stevenson, 2008). In this instance, the anticipated social outcomes are the most important. Alan’s cultural background could be considered when choosing this path, as it can provide greater advantages to improve the conditions across the globe (By, Burnes, & Oswick 2012, page. 2.). However the process of working in these companies is challenging because of building networks, locating investors, partners, and conducting business discussions. The leaders are driven by their goals and vision to deliver tangible outcomes. Working with Karl at this hedge fund is not a good idea since the purpose of this fund is to generate profit while claiming important positive values.

careerAt this point working in Grepter in Zurich offers Alan opportunities to show his leadership potential and speak to various cultures and different people. In learning how to operate in two countries and holding higher roles within Grepter, Alan will receive a greater impact in the community and will also be able to promote social responsibility initiatives in Zurich and the US departments of the company (Caligiuri and Tarique 2009). Therefore, Alan can use his experiences and cultural background to help promote diversity globally and take slow, rational steps. In this scenario, the leader will not be compromising the ideas of his fellow followers and the impact on the people who follow him will be significant.

References to Experts’ Arguments

Expert opinions on the choice of career suggest that remaining with Grepter could give Alan numerous opportunities to develop his talents as well as meet both financial as well as social goals. Laura Scher states that the selection of the most suitable choice is based on the assessment of each option by their connection to Alan’s goals and vision. goals. At Zurich, Alan can demonstrate his capabilities in creating visions of society (Stevenson (2008)). Daniel Vasella actively supports accepting the invitation to work with Grepter. The arguments of the author regarding the future possibilities of forming collaborations with Grepter to create drugs for the less fortunate are essential to illustrate the diversity of options when it comes to this particular situation. Christina Jones also openly supports the Grepter option and her reasoning about the accumulation of efforts when working with the company to build the social enterprise is just one other perspective that the options are considered (Stevenson 2008). Barbara Franklin is the only expert who agrees with Shiori’s idea However, the expert sees it as an opportunity for Alan to realize his social goals in the coming years.

The arguments presented by Vasella are in the most line with the choices discussed by Alan since Vasella clarifies how Grepter’s proposal is beneficial to Alan to discuss his professional and social goals in clear and rational terms. As per Vasella, Alan should not ignore his thoughts on social purpose and making a difference. That is, Alan should adapt the opportunities offered by his job in Zurich to meet his requirements and desires (Groves and LaRocca 2011,). Alan can collaborate with many individuals, develop social initiatives, and create a social responsibility plan within the company to create top-quality products. Global leadership is about the notion of making a difference is essential as global leaders are people who can apply the benefits of different strategies in various circumstances and produce excellent performance (Caligiuri and Tarique 2012, page. 613). It is assumed that global leaders are top leaders and motivational speakers who can inspire people of all backgrounds to embrace and implement the changes.


To respond to the individual desire to be a positive influence and fulfill the social potential, Alan should start from his new position within the organization since he understands the principles of the organization and can adapt them to meet his objectives. As a Grepter, Alan has more chances to be a powerful leader. Thus, Alan can begin his journey in the world of business while gaining the skills needed to work in the dynamic and new surroundings of Zurich.

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