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We serve the world through online consultation, medicine supply, and awareness about Ayurveda

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  • All Solutions at a Single Platform Susruta Ayurveda is common platform for public, ayurveda students, Ayurveda practitioners, research Scholars and medicine Dealers
  • Dedicated TeamTeam works 24*7 to give our best
  • Global MotoTo spread Ayurveda with the beneficial approach to world
  • Progressive SteppingAlways seeks to set upper bench mark with basics of learning and realistic approach

About Founder

Susruta Ayurveda was founded by Dr. Poona Nath Chouhan with his immense dedication to his works. He is highly qualified in his field and he had completed B.A.M.S., M.S. in Ayurvedic Science. Under his command, Susruta Ayurveda is growing at a very rapid rate and serving more and more people daily.

Dr. Poona Nath Chouhan
B.A.M.S., M.S.(Ayu.) Shalya Tantra
Former Resident, I.T.R.A. Jamnagar