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Stress Management: Learn With Ayurveda

What is stress?

Stress can be identified as a situation that causes changes and tends to create a physical, emotional, social, or psychological strain or all of them at a time. Simply it can be a state of body or mind which needs attention or any responsive action. 

Possible causes of stress:  

There are uncountable reasons for stress, mostly depends on the individual. However biggest possible cause is failure to tackle any situation and unable to get out of that state.  It is generally attained from the workplace, day-to-day inconveniences, financial situation, relationship, or habitual.


It is not easy to understand the situation of self. Being in that condition for a long time can harm the health status of the body. A Small failure can create trouble or anxiety-like situation for short time On keen observation, one can find few things listed below


  • Emotional signs such as short tempered, irritating mood, frustration and early anger mood swings.
  • Physical signs include raised blood pressure, interference with weight, frequent cold or allergy or infection, loss of libido etc  
  • Social signs include not enjoying anything, shifted to addiction like drugs or alcohol, tend to spend time solitarily
  • Psychological signs include loss of stability and concentration, unreasonable worrying and negative predictability of every task     


Types mostly depend on what basis they are judged on. All stress is not harmful or doesn’t matter in any aspect.

Acute or short-time stress

It can be positive or more disturbing like just prior to the result of the exam. Hyper excitement also causes the same disturbance.

Chronic or longer duration stress

It is a more troubling and never-ending type like that of unemployment, wrong occupation selection, childhood fear or trauma, lonely life, unresolved financial burden, or that of the exam.

Occasional stress

It is a type of stress which is actually acute but oscillates in life whenever there is a presence of stem of that event or object.

Eustress is a type of positive stress which is generally experienced on thrill like in adventure sport, just prior to finishing of a task, or excited to declared as a winner or anything which causes a surge of adrenaline.

Impact of stress

Stress disturbs the individuals in every aspect like at workplace, while the conversation with others, lack of performance. Prolonged can cause lifestyle disorders like change in nature forever, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, phobia, peptic ulcers, etc.

Management of stress

Stress is not a fixed medical entity or doesn’t possess any specific treatment.

  • Initial and the most important method to manage the it is to rule out the exact cause. And to maintain the self-stability in any situation.
  • Practicing Yoga forms like Pranayama, Trataka and other yogic exercise can heal up the individua’s internal power and increase the tolerance threshold.
  • Use of Medhya or Rasayana Drugs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Amalaka, Chyavanaprash, Maharishi Amrit Kalash.
Stress Management
Stress management

(Maharishi Amrit Kalash is full of herbal contents which increase longevity, intelligence, and memory power. It also enhances overall wellbeing, contains antioxidants, Vitamin C and E)

  •  Ayurveda procedures like Shirodhara, Nasya also proven to be very effective
  • Use of soothing music as therapy
  • Sharing the problem with peer group  
  • If needed consult a clinicians

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